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To Kim Jayson or anyone knows how is he

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I heard that Philippine was getting hit by typhoon and is having flood now. Are you okay Kim? Or anybody here knows about his condition?
Hope everything won't get worse there Sad

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
My God, that is soooo true. I experienced that typhoon and it caused a lot of flood in many parts of the Philippines. The floods are not the ordinary one coz there are areas where the flood is as high as 10 feet!!! Imagine that. The cars were carried away by the strong force of the flood. Many lives were lost and properties were damaged. Manila, the capital city is still flooded today. According to the weather bureau PAGASA, the amount of rain brought about by this typhoon is as much as the total amount of rain for one month of Manila!!! The last time it happened was in the 70's ( Im not sure about this!, k!). This is the revenge of mother nature for our inconsiderate treatment to the environment!
Don't you worry, my friend. I am very much ok. I am so lucky because the city where I live in is a plateau. So no matter how hard it rains, the water will never accumulate and create flood. It will just flow to the lower areas including Manila.
I can't find time to visit the forum coz there were so many customers flocking the store where I work (McDOnald's) due to typhoon. As a result, I came home late this past few days. I will go to work around 5 am and go home at 9pm or later than that. All McDonald's stores in the Philippines are now accepting donations in any form to help the victims...
We, the employees of McDonald's, are encouraged to donate our rice subsidy for this coming quarter. The crew are encouraged too to give a little financial assitance to the victims. I am so happy that the company where I am working now is doing its part in the community in this time of adversity.
I feel so sad for my fellow Filipinos who are badly affected by this recent catastrophe. I will do my part to help them in my own little way.... Sad
Thanks Lucas Faith for your concern. So kind of you you even made a separate post for this just to know my condition. I am still very thankful to God and Lord Jesus for keeping me safe as well as my family and friends during the typhoon.

I very much appreciate it Lucas Faith. God Bless You and your family!!!!! Very Happy

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No problem ^^! Glad you and your family is okay. It's indeed a nice program that you were donating rice. Too bad that I can't help with this program. No words about this in McDonald Indonesia.

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