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When did you became a fan of Ken-chan? =)

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So the title is preety self-explainatory =)
[you can also say when did you first heard about him or know about him]

I first heard about Ken when one of my frd introduced "Pop Star" to me back in 2006. After that I began to listen to his music, but I stopped following after my highschool graduation and college preparation. When I bought his "Fakin' Pop" CD back in May this year in Hong Kong (which the CD cover captured my attention), and watched his "Kimi wa Su. Te. Ki." MV; I began to fall for his music (and Ken himself =D). That is when I truly became his fan and followed his previous works, in which I find them to be just as amazing as his recent works.

How about you guys? =)

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when god put me on earth...i knew my love was for kens music...LOL~
jk jk jk
i dont know..its just his voice and style of rnb caught my attention and from that i love kens music.

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My younger sister played for me Hitomi wo Tojite & I was blown away the 1st time I heard it & at that time that was the only song she liked/know coming from Ken & I didn't know how he looked like back then but after I saw the promo pic of fake star , I was sold immediately as that's like 1 of the hottest pics that he has taken to date like seriously

& since then the rest's history & I still like his music even though I'm not nuts over him as before but have to give him due respect for being in the business for 13 years & counting

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^^ didn't realize the existence of this thread..

:p i became ken-chan's fan after listening to "Kiss of Life" *watching the Love Revolution drama starring fujiki naohito* and again b4 even knowing how he looked like Very Happy

it's been pretty long haha

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just recently.
i fall in love with ken because of my dad Very Happy
he somehow bought me ken's utabaka cd.
i remember when my dad gave me that cd, i thought "who is this?" then i listened to the cd and i was amaze, in fact still am Very Happy
that's the best cd ever!
thank you dad!

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hmm, i would say i instantly became a fan when i saw the PV for POP STAR on youtube. It brought a smile to my face, it put a face to the name Ken Hirai and that PV never fail to cheer me up. Laughing

i was actually searching youtube for "Ring" as I couldn't find the complete song anywhere on the internet to download. since it was nowhere to be found i clicked on his most viewed video at that time, Rakuen, and loved the song very much along with that well-shot PV. Next, I viewed POP STAR, the other most viewed video and i was sold.

one thing led to another, i bought Utabaka because when i read on some forums, they usually recommend Utabaka to start with. and they were right. Next i hunted down his earlier albums for my collection. tongue i just need his first two albums to complete my collection; un-balanced and Stare At. Its going to be tough but I'll be patient. =)

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I became his fan about... 4-5 years ago? Very Happy when i heard ¨Hitomi wo Tojite¨ i had to search some more songs from him, and he next song was ¨Pop star¨ what i heard :33

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Since I got Un-balanced CD from meu Pai for my b'day, almost 15 years ago!

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In 2007, I made a 2-weeks trip to Japan. On my first day there (September 12th), I went to a HMV store and there was this large poster promoting "fake star", which was just released.

I was already a fan of J-Pop music (Ayumi, Utada, Koda Kumi...), but I usually don't like japanese male singers because of their androgyne looks and femenine voices. But Ken Hirai looked completely different in that poster: mysterious, sophisticate and sexy. I bought the CD single without even knowing if I would like it. The last day of the trip, I also bought Ken Hirai's Greatest Hits because it was on sale in a shop.

On my flight back home, I listened to the CD single and the GH and I fell in love with his unique voice and became a fan. After that, I started buying all his stuff on eBay, YesAsia, Play-Asia...

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