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HAI! Konnichi wa =)

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1 HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 12.03.08 20:37

HAI! Konnichi wa to everybody.

I'm new on the forums (I were not regiestred in the previous forum hosted at InvisionFree).
Now, that Ken's new album made me extremely addicted to him, I decided to join in, so I'm here!

My real name is Andrés (Andrew in English), but you can call me Yuusha, and if you love the avex's performance unit AAA, just call me NissyLov3r (I don't love Nissy currently, Shuuta is better for me now). I'm from Spain, and as you can see I really like AAA, and that love is so big that I have an AAA fansite, AAAFreaks!, but well, get to the point xD

Apart of AAA, I really like singers/groups like Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, Alan, Leah Dizon, NEWS, Tohoshinki, Ai Otsuka, EXILE, Jonte, Alice Nine., Suzuki Ami, Foxxi misQ, etc. Razz

So thats all, something about me that you would like to know, simply ask me.

Love~Love albino

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2 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 13.03.08 0:38

Welcome here, glad to have u here ^^ Razz
You're from Spain? Then it's the same as "Josuke"(the moderator) then.

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3 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 13.03.08 2:03

I just noticed a lot of Spanish people love ken~
I wonder why????

But anyways..welcome to the forum and i hope you will enjoy ur stay~

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4 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 13.03.08 11:14

I don't know about Ken Hirai's fans in Spain =/

I just get catch by his voice and his cuteness&hotness thanks to LNany, that he talks a lot about him =)

Anyways, it's cool that Ken Hirai has fans in Spain, so I'm not the only one *__*

Thanks for your posts, and nice to meet you! =)

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5 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 13.03.08 17:51

wow cool ^^ welcome to this forum

have fun!!

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6 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 13.03.08 19:27

Thanks Thiris! =)

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7 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 14.03.08 7:40


Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Welcome!!!! Feel at home!!! Smile

desde en Filipinas
Ken Hirai fan mula sa Pilipinas
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8 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 14.03.08 15:58


Welcome Yuusha!
Hope u enjoy the forum Very Happy

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9 Re: HAI! Konnichi wa =) on 14.03.08 16:39

Thank you Josuke =)

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