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Haven't actually done one of these yet...Hi From Seattle, WA

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How is everyone? So I've been on this forum for about a year, and have yet to do an introduction post lol.

So my name is Frank, I found out about Ken Hirai when Strawberry Sex came out from a friend, and I absolutely hated it the first time I heard it. At the time I was mainly listening to Utada Hikaru, Kuraki Mai, and Crystal Kay.

Anyway a few months later this same friend introduced me to Style, and I fell in love with the track immediately, but I recognized that it was the same guy that did Strawberry Sex. I decided to give Ken another shot and that was it. I even got to enjoying Strawberry Sex after giving it a few listens lol.

Anyway so that's how I found out about Ken Hirai. I would love to see him perform live someday, and of course would like to see if he'd like to try and crossover to the US. More importantly to just do a show in Seattle =D.

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