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Haiti Earthquake

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1 Haiti Earthquake on 02.02.10 12:04

Hi friends,

Well we all are aware about this.
This may be one of the greatest desire of the world.
"Haiti Earthquake "Strange," Strongest in 200 Years"
I think that we all should look after this and help those needed people as much as possible..I hope that you friends co-operate them.
Please suggest any source for then effect people,if you know..Thank you in advance for your support..

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2 Re: Haiti Earthquake on 05.02.10 1:07

Hi sammypetter,

You may try UNICEF, USAID, Hope for Haiti, (American) Red Cross, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), Save the Children, and many more.. You may also try to contact the local relief organizations. Are you from Haiti? I wish you all the best in helping the victims..

Btw, am surprised nobody responded to your message..

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3 Re: Haiti Earthquake on 06.02.10 10:40

Hi everyone!

Here in Canada we are doing everything we could to collect funds and donate to the ones in need in Haiti, so if anyone wants to donate you can do so with Scouts Canada!
Aside from that like DB said Red Cross and other organizations are doing what they could to collect funds. Please do not hesitate and donate those extra pennies in your pockets!
Sorry for not responding earlier, but I am bombarded with midterms before the olympic break =(.
I hope you all are doing all you can to help those in Haiti.

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