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Ken's 15th anniversary!!

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1 Ken's 15th anniversary!! on 21.10.09 21:09


Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
So, i was checking some of the interviews Ken has done to promote "Boku wa..." when I read the last question at this interview he did for Yahoo JP...
Basically, they asked for his future plans and he mentions that next year it's gonna be the 15th anniversary since his debut.

Somehow, I did not have even thought about that until now... but if he even is mentioning that in a interview, i guess it's because they (he and Sony) are probably thinking of commemorating it somehow.

I'd say a new best album is completely out of the question because he has only released one original album since Utabaka. So, I think we will probably get a new original album in 2010 (i'd bet on a spring release) followed by a tour in summer... but I'm sure they will try to come up with something else. Any ideas?

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2 Re: Ken's 15th anniversary!! on 22.10.09 3:59

man it seems like yesterday when PRECIOUS JUNK was released if you asked me :S

I think something will be done to celebrate him being in the business for 15 years . This year's GLAY's 15th anniversary & they already have put out 2 greatest hits albums so yeah

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