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Anyone know who Khalil Fong is?

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I havent mentioned much about him, but his music style is similar to Ken's. I have to say Khalil is very talented and able to mix chinese music with soul music! if you have the chance to youtube him. He is totally worth Listening to!

I am so excited for his new album that is similar to Ken's bar where its all cover version songs.

Hope you will like Khalil as much as i do!

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i love his music~
his 'love song' is fabulous!
my favourite Chinese pop singer is jay chou~he is also talented~mix Chinese characters with the western rnb~
in 2006~he had his con in jp and sang the 'ookina furu tokei'
very kawai~hoho~^_^

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Khalil fong is for sure the most talented artist in the chinese music business right now. Just blending soul and rnb with chinese is just amazing!

I don't really have a favourite song as all of his are really really fantastic. If i had to choose, i would choose either "This love"(ai ai ai) or Sorry.

I can't wait for his new album, its going to rock!~!

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I learnt about him accidentally at through this blog:

Ok, the writer of this blog IS a fan of Ken, so i thought i'd give this Khalil Fong guy a try. But maybe its just me. I feel that he's not there yet. Still amateurish. Or perhaps i'm really NOT into Chinese music. Don't get me wrong though. I'm half-Chinese by the way. Its just that Chinese music doesn't appeal to me.

And when people compare Jay Chou with Ken Hirai, i do get slightly irritated. HAHAHA. Perhaps Jay Chou is talented but sorry, don't quite like people who wants to do so many things at the same time. Singer, composer and then actor as well!!!

Perhaps Khalil's music is similar to Ken's but i guess different people, different taste. I'll just stick to Ken. I'm devoted like that. Embarassed

And I love Ken cos he sticks to what he's good at and don't try to put his fingers into every single thing available out there in the market. And on variety shows i've seen him on, he is just being himself without bothering what others think of him. cheers

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
I better check him out..... seems interesting!!!

desde en Filipinas
Ken Hirai fan mula sa Pilipinas
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yes, i know who Khalil Fong is. He's quite talented, and very soulful.

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