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Facebook anyone?

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1 Facebook anyone? on 26.06.09 17:55

Anyone here have a fb? Will be very happy to add u all ^^

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2 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.06.09 2:03

I have FB! =)

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3 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.06.09 3:26

may I add you? mine is this ^^

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4 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.06.09 9:32

hahaa okay I will add you =)

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5 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.06.09 10:21

Thank you ^^

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6 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.06.09 10:34

no problem! =)

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7 Re: Facebook anyone? on 28.06.09 0:50

I think i already have both of you on my facebook. So no need to ask~

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8 Re: Facebook anyone? on 28.06.09 1:09

hahahaha, u bet ^^

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9 Re: Facebook anyone? on 24.08.09 7:06

Hey guys, I'm very new to facebook but am really addicted to it right now. Would like to ask though how did you put that profile thing? As in when i click on my profile, there's numbers on the web address but i see people can put their own name at the end. Hope you get what i'm trying to say though.

My cousin did it. But have no time to ask her. So any help would be much appreciated. THANKS!!!

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10 Re: Facebook anyone? on 27.08.09 15:56


Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
add me pls:

I have multiply, facebook and friendster accounts. Very Happy

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