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Ken come back to J-wave "OH! MY RADIO"!!!!!

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You can enjoy his voice by this radio at internet :24:30~26:00(time of Japan),Biweekly!

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cooL! thanks equillo =)
but where do we click to listen to it? =S

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Oh I am sorry!!!
go to here ↓ ↓

Please click "Listen Free!". You should register first.
However, it is only a quick question.....It is a question on Japanese.

性別(sex) 男(male) 女(female)
今聞いている場所(Place heard now)
E メール(e-mail)....It is unnecessary.
ライセンス取得(License acquisition)

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license acqusition?? 0__0
do we need to fill that one out? =S

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I'm sorry for surprising you. It was bad translation.

Because this radio wants to research the listener, they questions you.

The meaning of the last button is "Acquisition of the free listening license. "

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Oh, I see =)
Domo Arigatou gozaimasu, equillo! =)

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hi, when i click "listen free" there is no place to register. where can i find the register icon ? thanks !!

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Hi sannas,

I can't translate about it,so could you see this page?(sorry , Japanese only)
They say that if you use Windows XP SP 2 ,you have tu turn off "POP UP BLOCK"
Turn on "Java Script "
And please confirm the type of your OS.

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
It's on air now.

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cool, thank you LNany! =)

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11 OH! my radio :report!!!!! on 02.04.09 18:14

Did anyone listen to the radio?

Yesterday's radio excited me very much. I laughed a lot.
(there were full of silly jokes)

I can't translate everything he spoke. And, I give you his news a little.

1st information is concert of May 2 .
He performs with Kreva, Spiz, and Ringo Shiina.

Next, he said that now he is recording Ken 's bar2.
He said that his loved tune would be made with a very luxurious musician.
This is the best news for us!!!

Besides, he said that his favorite Japanese band was RADWIMPS recently and bought their album.
And Wouter Hamel is his favorite too and loves very much.

That girl standing with Ken in the photo is Miracle Hikaru.
She is a comedian who does the mimicry of UtadaHikaru.
Ken likes Utada,too.

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Yes he is going to make Ken's bar 2 X)

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OMG he's recording Ken's Bar 2 at the mo *dies*

all the more I'm waiting for it to be out in due time man

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Today's program is about to start : )

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Hikaru(Miracle)Utada & Ken、Again!!
Nice Permanent ? ja ja ja.....
How about Ken's mimic of Kumi Koda?

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can some kind souls please provide translation to the j-wave show? What a Face


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I translate! But English is not my language( I'm Japanese)
so the translation is difficult for me. ..Please forgive mistakes of my grammar!!!!.

His radio is not really settled.
His "Sexy joke" and "Silly gag", "Mimicry that doesn't look like", and "Comment on mail from the listener" continue for two hours.
And, He likes talk about the comedian and singer.

This week、 he put the theme "Please teach me your secret ceremony before you slept".....What does he expect ?

Next, about his new hair style.
He said that he imaged Brazilian soccer player or Brazilian kids.
....I like it than before.

Of course, about his new CD and DVD .He said it include image of the
first Ken's bar .
and more..... his favorite food is hot rice with raw egg , he hate girl's stinky foot ,,,,,

sorry it's not good report , but i hope you can enjoy something about radio show.

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Thanks Equillo! Really appreciate it!


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HI, anyone know how many more times Ken will do this radio show ? MANY THANKS !

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