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Ken's bar valentine's day special

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Ken had [Valentine special]concert in Osaka yesterday.
NHK broadcasts his performance on March 21.
This photograph was taken from news.
Please look at the chest of his jacket.
Written in the lip "kiss me".

Of course, I do!!!!!

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Aww, this picture is too cute! =)
Thanks for posting this equillo, domo arigatou! =)

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List of Ken's Bar Valentine's day special

I found some videos of original songs from youtube....enjoy!
1.My Funny Valentine/Chet baker(I found Toninho Horta's version!)
2.バレンタイン・キッス/Sayuri Kokusho ( ...Ken loves girl's pop...)
3.Sweet Memories /Seiko Matsuda(...again!!!!)
4.Sweet Pillow
5.LIFE is...
6.Missin’ you ~It will break my hear~
8.Strawberry Sex
9.the flower is you
10.シルエット・ロマンス/ Junko Ohashi(beautiful song)
11.SHE /Elvis Costello(nice movie...)
14.Love Love Love
15.even if

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thanks for the updates , he does look spiffy in there & the tracklist looks good

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I can't belive it!!! My Funny Valentine is my favorite song!!! I love this song!! I love you

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