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Chawn is back, too

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1 Chawn is back, too on 24.02.08 0:07

wow we look better than ever, dont we? loving the layouts and the presence of official threads for other artists and everything. great job as ever, josuke. and thank you for the invite to join our new forum. now feelin so thankful to myself for having disclosed my email address on the old forum. been absent forever, some people must have thought i was dead or somethin lolol. anyway, im back - not that i expect everyone to remember me though - o -" alright, i ll see you guys around in the real threads. cheers! oh, btw, im Chawny. 22 years old. now living in bangkok, thailand. alright, see you around. ima go lay down for real now! What a Face clown cyclops pirat What a Face

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2 Re: Chawn is back, too on 24.02.08 3:59

Chawny!!! Glad to see u back! This place will now be so live like past days, hahahahaha. Welcome back Chawn aka Miss Hirai cheers

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3 Re: Chawn is back, too on 24.02.08 17:27

oh hi, welcome back! i remember you, i also wondered if you moved to Venus or somewhere far & without internet.

Oh you're just 22? That must be many decades ago huh? Look forward seeing you active in the forum again.

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4 Re: Chawn is back, too on 07.03.08 15:11

nice to meet everyone here! I'm a huge hirai fan, and I'm glad I found a forum all about him Smile

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