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Romantic lyrics?( translated into English)

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Do you think that which lyrics are the most romantic?
whether everyone understood the meaning of lyrics but I wanted to hear about it.
Because i am japanese and I feel love in the word about which it talks to me in his voice.Embarassed

And, I want to hear whether as for what you don't understand as a foreigner in his lyrics.

I can explain a rough meaning though I can't translate lyrics perfectly.
if someone need explaining, i do . study

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Wow thanks in advance for the translation equillo =)
This song 世界で一番君が好き, I understand the lyrics (I am chinese but i did study japanese throughout highschool ), and this is the one song where I find the lyrics sweet, and yea kinda romantic >3<
Other lyrics I do not quite understand, but I would like to know the meaning of L'Amant, I lve that song! =D

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 Hi cheers emmoliii 

Thank you for answering my question first!

世界で一番君が好き! "I like you in the world. "
I laughed when this lyrics were heard for the first time. I have understood how much this boy loves her well. "Please transfuse her with my blood!"
Do you want also to put your name in your lover's back? I want it. Cool
Well , TAKU TADA wrote this lyrics and these lyrics are theirs, too.
Strawberry Sex ,Merry go round high way,World's . His wods are very pop and cute,i think.

Now i show you my work.i feel like a student.(dear!)
Once upon a time, when I was a lovely girl ・・・ pig

I love this song,too.
This lyrics are really really romantic.
The clerk in this bookstore secretly loves young wife.
After hearing this song, I always recall this song as for me.
Billy Paul's "Me and Mrs. Jones " hahaha.....but this bookshop's boy don't have secret like them. ♪we got a thing ~going on~♪

here we go!

[L'amant ]

When the tricky wind turns amber color's pages over.
I'm wrapping love stories what you passed to me.
I steals a glance at titles of these books.

THE restraint brighting on your finger bind me.
I do not know even your name.
I cannot see your eyes.
Still, I want to defend you.

What is what you request?
What is what you fear?
please teach to me.

We never talk.
I never touch you.
Still, I want to think of you.
i want to teach you real love story.

I know your capricious hobby better than anyone.
I will be waiting for you for a long time in this shop today and

Profile of you a little sad
When you trace the table of contents of a book by your white finger, are you found the key because of becoming happiness?

I don't see the future with you.
I can't hold your shoulder.
I want to love you even so.
For what do you hope?
What do you envy?
Please teach to me.

My mind doesn't reach you.
You don't notice my feelings.
Still, I want to deprive of you.
I want to tell you the love story some time.

..........Have you understood the meaning from this translation?
And, what do you think of this lyrics now?

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どもありがとうございます~ equillo =D
Such romantic and sweet lyrics for L'Amant =))And yes I understand the translation =) Thanks SOO much for the translation! And your english is improving, good for you =)

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emmoliii どういたしまして Very Happy
I am glad for you to enjoy lyrics.

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hey equillo~
by any chance you can translate either "ring" or "signal" for me~
only one is fine as i dont want to be too troublesome
thanks in advance lu

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7 lyrics translation:[Ring] on 28.09.08 9:34

Hi chanman:D

It is terribly late to answer you...
Only [Ring ]was translated now. The translation is difficult though it is happy. However, it can know lyrics of Ken well. Please question on the place in which it enjoys lyrics and it doesn't understand well.
Then, it enjoys it~♪


It is not filled through all eternity, and while being frightened because of the shadow of solitude.
People keeps walking for the shine that will come some day.

Only even once, and I want to cry aloud for pleasure.

Scar of mind, the past not forgotten, and the cold that accumulates in the shoulder,too
They melt slowly and flow.

The shout that everyone makes a voice no one is held in reality.
When they struggle, it gives up, and people are painting out the day
of today.

It is not necessary to reach you, but I want sincerely to sound the love song.

The wandering sadness ,unbearable contradiction,and emptiness that floats on this sky ,too
Time forgets them by me.

The interior of the benumbed pupil requests the answer now.
Because I did not make it a word, you were embraced closely.
Quivering lips and the warmth piled up are held in my chest.

Warmth that wets your cheek changes them into the shine now.

Your gentleness, your pleasure, and smile that shines on your finger,too
They always encompass two people.

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thank you chanman for requesting the translation of "Ring". and thank you equillo for translating "Ring". I've been searching for translation on the internet for a few years and to no avail. Sad Finally i know what this song is about. Thanks a million! Razz

like chanman, I too, would like to know the translation of "signal" lyrics. I love this song but have no idea what its about. thank you in advance!

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Not a big David Gray fan but he has a song called 'This Years Love' which I love, especially the line "When you kiss me on that midnight street, sweep me off my feet" always makes me wish I was on a cobbled street in moonlight being in the arms of someone I adore.

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