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1 Hiya~ on 11.05.08 7:18

Hello everyone Very Happy

I just found this forum, and its great! I'm always trying to find pictures of Mr.Ken but I always get the same ones over and over again, and this place has so much cool stuff.

I'm 19 and I am starting art college next year. I'm a pretty big J-Pop fan my favorites are probably Utada Hikaru, Angela Aki, Ai Otsuka, Crystal Kay, Hoshimura Mai...and of course the very handsome and talented Ken albino Favorite Ken songs are POP STAR, Kimi no Suki na Koto, and Elegy (or maybe I just like the video <3 )

Nice to meet you all~!

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2 Re: Hiya~ on 11.05.08 11:43

Hello Brian , a big welcome to you !

Are you from Canada or California for starters ?

In anycase , I hope you will have fun here Smile


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3 Re: Hiya~ on 11.05.08 12:12

Hi! I'm from California Very Happy

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4 Re: Hiya~ on 11.05.08 12:16

Astray wrote:Hi! I'm from California Very Happy

awesome Smile I hope you will have a great time here

the forum's small but everyone's quite tight knitted especially when comes to Ken updates & etc .

In short , just have a good time here , I'm sure you will

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5 Re: Hiya~ on 16.05.08 19:34

^^ wow newcomer

enjoy ur stay!!

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