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Ken Hirai + BONNIE PINK (from Ken's Tour)

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Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
Ken Hirai Forum Moderator
BONNIE PINK attended one of Hirai's concerts at Nihon Budokan last week. She has posted a couple of pictures at her blog.

They should make another collaboration!

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Thanks LNany , Ken looks great Very Happy

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cool pictures!

I love bonnie pink. and wow! ken looks so tall there Shocked Shocked

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not to offend anyone but did anyone realised after Ken put out Canvas / Kimi wa , he seemed to look a bit bigger than the norm ?

not to mention his hair & stubble weren't helping him but after I saw the latest batch of pics that LNany posted , he looked like he's back to his supposedly normal weight & also could tell that he went for a much deserved haircut & shave

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I think he will lose weight going on tours. It's pyhsically demanding.

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I loved them together...! farao

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