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Utabaka 10th Anniversary Special Photobook Scans

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Ok I'm sure this has been posted in the old forums but for the benefit of new members , I decided to upload scans from Ken's Utabaka 10th Anniversary Special Photobook .

Initally I wanted to get a copy from HMV Japan but after I found out from a fellow S'porean who bought the photobook which cost 3990 Yen & not to mention it has jack ass shipping charges at 3000 Yen , I bailed out as there's no way I'm willing to shell out so much $ on a photobook !

Thankfully , Kevin/Chanman sent me all the pics that were scanned & uploaded from the original old forums a couple of days ago so that I can view them before I decide to whether I want to get a hard copy or not in which in this case unfortunately I wouldn't be getting it now which will save me a HUGE load of $ so Kevin , dude , I own you big time !

Due to the bulkload of pics , I have to post the pics into 3 posts respectively according to the names of the folders which Kevin originally sent me .

The book itself was more of a collection of offshot photos from his various concerts . The posed shots probably took up only a third of the book .

Anyway here's the 1st batch of pics titled Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Special Ken's Bar at TOKYO DOME :

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2nd batch of pics titled Ken Hirai 10th Anniversary Tour at IGASHI BUNKA KAIKAN :

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Ok this's my fave folder , the Divers folder which's incidentally the last batch of pics to upload :

told you this folder's my fave outta the 3 folders because this folder contains model professional shots of Ken .

Some of them are just <3 <3 <3

Enjoy people !


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minlilin, you are so nice!
It must took you a long of time to put these scans up here!!
we really appreciate that ^^

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Wow, thanks sooo much! Smile
Very generous of you! <3

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thank you for uploading these photos
i haven't see these before sunny

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thank you for the uploads!!!
ken is so cute in some of them <3

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I love all of these.
Thanks for sharing~~

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its really proud n happy to be the member of ken hirai forum!!!
i have saw many pic of him
thank u ! i love u all............

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