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Hello Hello :D

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1 Hello Hello :D on 07.04.08 5:03

Since practically everyone in this small but growing community has done his/her intro , my turn to do now !

My real name's actually Hui Min . I'm a chinese but in case you can't pronounce my name , please call me by my Eng name , Karen .

I'm 21 & a 2nd year Uni student pursuing a Bach of Commerce majoring in Finance & Financial Accounting from Uni of newcastle . I'm born & breed in S'pore . I'm doing my degree locally even though the program's offered by a Uni based in Sydney , Aust .

I only became a big fan of Ken's music this Jan . I discovered his music a week after my 21st birthday after my younger sister played the only song she liked & knew from him at that time ala Hitomi wo Tojite .

I like what I heard & the rest's history !

& now my sister's nuts about Canvas because of the fact that she watched the dorama Honey & Clover

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2 Re: Hello Hello :D on 07.04.08 9:54

so 2 sisters loving ken? oooo~

lucky ken~ hahaha

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3 Re: Hello Hello :D on 07.04.08 10:45

chanman wrote:so 2 sisters loving ken? oooo~

lucky ken~ hahaha


my younger sister's not really a die hard Ken fan unlike me . She only liked a few of his songs like Hitomi wo Tojite , Canvas & Kimi wa .

I did bugged her to listen to the rest of Ken's material , be it single or non single wise

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4 Re: Hello Hello :D on 11.04.08 17:46

^^ that's great

more luv for ken-chan pls :p

i discovered him when i heard the soundtracks of Love Revolution titled "Kiss of Life" i guess and yess i was so in luv with his voice b4 deciding to do more research on the singer :p ken-chan's hwatt ^^

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